Working in Cañon City, Colorado

Work Where You Live and Play

Working in a community that you feel connected to is an incredible feeling.

Whether you are a teacher, health care provider, first responder, law enforcement officer, small business owner, telecommuter or other employee / business owner, the ability to engage with your neighbors and spend your free time participating in worthwhile activities is priceless.

In the rural community of Cañon City, Colorado, you can spend less of your day commuting and more time on what’s important to you. Grow your business, invest in a home, and spend time recreating just minutes from your front door. Working in Cañon City makes this possible.

Cañon City, Colorado

Dynamic People

Cañon City offers unique opportunities for a purpose driven life. Dynamic people that are looking for adventures outside and challenging careers that gives their lives purpose will thrive in Cañon City, Colorado. If you are looking for a place where you can spend more time fostering your sense of community with other like-minded progressive people instead of sitting in traffic in Denver, come to Cañon City to build your future with us. 

Cañon City thrives with its dynamic people. From tech jobs, to school teachers, entrepreneurs, to farmers, to white water rafting instructors, our community has a wide variety of seasonal and year round employment opportunities. Cañon City is growing and thriving with diverse people who share a passion for adventure and their community. Cañon City is a place to Work, Play, and Live.


Above all else, I want Cañon City to be a great place to raise a family, full of opportunity, growth, recreation, and safety.

Ashley Smith, Mayor Cañon City, Colorado

I left Denver to take a job in Cañon City and don't want to leave this place! I can hike at lunch or be at some of the most beautiful places within minutes. No traffic to work and the housing is way more affordable! Lots of local dining and shopping in town with big city shopping only 30 minutes away if I ever need it.

Katy M Cañon City, Colorado

We love Cañon City and all of the natural beauty surrounding where we live and work! Moving out of traffic-plagued North Texas and to this tech-minded community in beautiful Colorado has been a long-time dream come true.

Kenny H Cañon City, Colorado