Playing in Cañon City, Colorado

Southern Colorado's Outdoor Recreation Playground

Cañon City doesn't just offer a great job, but also a great life! After you're done with work, the fun begins because in every direction, you will find a new adventure in a vibrant growing community featuring plenty of local amenities, attractions, and events.

Cañon City is cradled between the Sangre de Cristo mountain range and the eastern Colorado plains. In the heart of the Arkansas River valley, the town boasts a wealth of outdoor recreation opportunities including hiking, biking, fishing, trail running, off-road riding, hunting, and rock climbing.

Surrounded by thousands of acres of federal land, the community enjoys scenic vistas from virtually everywhere in town and from every neighborhood. Urban trail systems connect the main off-road artery – the Riverwalk, a wide dirt path designed to offer a transportation alternative to bicycle commuters – to mountain biking and trail opportunities.

Cañon City is where residents and visitors take advantage of myriad outdoor activities available all four seasons. Moving to a new area can be an exciting experience and moving here will certainly fit that description. Endless athletic and family activities make Cañon City a wonderful community to work, play, and live!

The Arkansas River

Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area (AHRA)

The Arkansas River, which runs from Leadville, Colorado to the Missouri, is at it’s finest in the Cañon City area. World-class whitewater rafting in the spring and summer; important and scenic riparian ecology; and historic farmland abound along the river after the snow season each winter released by the warm sun in late spring.

The Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area (AHRA), managed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the Bureau of Land Management is recognized as one of the nation's most popular locations for whitewater rafting and kayaking. The Arkansas River it the most commercially rafted river in the United States and is noted for its world-class fishery, which provides an excellent opportunity for anglers to test their skills at catching brown and rainbow trout.

Looking for a JOB in the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area? The Upper Arkansas River valley offers endless Colorado outdoor fun and recreation. Besides whitewater rafting and kayaking, enjoy excellent fishing, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, zip lining, camping, backpacking and much more. Seasonal Park Rangers educate the public and patrol our State Parks. They perform a wide variety of jobs, and most work is conducted outside in all seasons and weather conditions. Park Rangers work where everyone comes to play! They wear many hats because of the diversity of the state's geography, visitors, and recreational opportunities. These hats vary from patrol on ATVs, vehicles, or by foot to being hiking guides, doing educational programs and administrative work.

Cañon City, Colorado

Adventurous Spirit

Cañon City thrives with its adventurous spirit. With an outstanding climate and tons of outdoor recreation, you can adventure 365 days a year. The impressive list of outdoor activities in the Royal Gorge Region that Cañon City is in the heart of includes mountain biking, hiking, white water rafting, fly fishing, camping, RVing, off-roading, rock climbing, museums, scenic drives, dinosaurs, skydiving, zip lining, helicopter tours, the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, the Royal Gorge Railroad, Segway Tours, Jeep Tours, and so much more!

If you want to be a dynamic part of our adventurous community, become a part of one of our many non-profit organizations to help preserve the natural beauty that we are so abundantly blessed with in Cañon City. Our dedicated volunteers work with each other to ensure that our local hiking and biking trails stay beautiful and accessible to all of our residents and visitors. Involved, purpose driven people are the foundation of our adventurous community! 


Above all else, I want Cañon City to be a great place to raise a family, full of opportunity, growth, recreation, and safety.

Ashley Smith, Mayor Cañon City, Colorado

We love Cañon City and all of the natural beauty surrounding where we live and work! Moving out of traffic-plagued North Texas and to this tech-minded community in beautiful Colorado has been a long-time dream come true.

Kenny H Cañon City, Colorado

I left Denver to take a job in Cañon City and don't want to leave this place! I can hike at lunch or be at some of the most beautiful places within minutes. No traffic to work and the housing is way more affordable! Lots of local dining and shopping in town with big city shopping only 30 minutes away if I ever need it.

Katy M Cañon City, Colorado