Where Is Cañon City?

In The Heart of Colorado's Beauty

Cañon City, Colorado in Fremont County

Nestled at the mouth of the Royal Gorge in the Arkansas River valley and just at the Rocky Mountain foothills, Cañon City is the best of beautiful natural Colorado, smaller-town living, and a great place to call home. As the county seat of Fremont County, Cañon City is just 2 hours southwest of Denver, 45 minutes southwest of Colorado Springs, and 30 minutes west of Pueblo. Cañon City's population exceeds 16,500 really cool inhabitants and over 50,000 have chosen to call Fremont County home.

Cañon City is home to world-class fishing, rafting, hunting, hiking, bicycling, rock climbing, birding and a host of other types of other outdoor recreation. The city's River Walk provides beauty and healthful recreation along the Arkansas River, including the Canon City Whitewater Kayak Park located near historic downtown, while numerous small neighborhood parks serve city residents. In the surrounding area, National Forest land and mountain parks draw visitors year-round.

Cañon Thrives Project

The Best Community in Colorado

The Cañon Thrives Project is a community-wide initiative to recruit skilled workers with all levels of expertise to join the Cañon City, Colorado workforce. Our vibrant region has exploded with job opportunities and offers a variety of activities, including an endless list of outdoor adventures. We invite you to make Cañon City your home where you can build a career, enjoy an active lifestyle, and join a growing city filled with possibilities. Every day, people are moving to Cañon City, saying “yes” to meaningful jobs and an exceptional quality of life.

Our vision is to improve economic, workforce, and community development by promoting Cañon City as a favorable place for people to move to, and add strength to our community. We'll accomplish that goal through this website and other initiatives that will help spread the word, and help us to interact with those ready for a better life!

Cañon City, Colorado

A Great Place to Live, Work, AND Play!

There is more to Cañon City than meets the eye. It's the perfect place to work, play, and live. Cañon City thrives through its adventurous spirit, dynamic people, innovative schools, and historic charm! From the people, to the places, take the scenic route. Straight from your office and into nature. Come find out why so many professionals, teachers, families, and more are calling their new home Cañon City. From the moment you get here, you'll feel at home. Familiar businesses and many unique establishments will call for you to indulge while nature calls for you to visit.

The idea of being stuck in a traffic-ridden, polluted, chaotic city along with thousands – even millions – of other people, is not something to look for in Cañon City. You'll only find a better quality of life with less expensive housing and living costs than most of Colorado. 

With an outstanding climate and tons of outdoor recreation, you can adventure 365 days a year. Not only in the outdoors, but in your office as well. The people here are diverse. From tech jobs, to school teachers, to entrepreneurs, to farmers, to white water raft instructors, and caring volunteers - Cañon City is growing and thriving with diverse people who share a passion for adventure and their community. There are many ways to network with business, activity, military, and fraternal groups abound.


We love Cañon City and all of the natural beauty surrounding where we live and work! Moving out of traffic-plagued North Texas and to this tech-minded community in beautiful Colorado has been a long-time dream come true.

Kenny H Cañon City, Colorado

Above all else, I want Cañon City to be a great place to raise a family, full of opportunity, growth, recreation, and safety.

Ashley Smith, Mayor Cañon City, Colorado

I left Denver to take a job in Cañon City and don't want to leave this place! I can hike at lunch or be at some of the most beautiful places within minutes. No traffic to work and the housing is way more affordable! Lots of local dining and shopping in town with big city shopping only 30 minutes away if I ever need it.

Katy M Cañon City, Colorado